Appendix 3: Support Libraries


An in-tree copy of GNU libintl 0.12.1 taken from gettext.

Presumably this is used inside gcc using underscore to lookup localized copies of messages.

dcigettext.c has:

/* Lock variable to protect the global data in the gettext implementation.  */
#ifdef _LIBC
__libc_rwlock_define_initialized (, _nl_state_lock attribute_hidden)

which appears to be used throughout, so presumably the internals are threadsafe.


AFAICS it’s a compile-time library for better-handling of crashes of the compiler. Not sure if it’s thread-safe, but if you’ve crashed, all bets are off, I guess.


C preprocessing as a library, used at compile-time.

Mostly keeps its state inside allocated structs, but does have some state:

In files.c:

static struct pchf_data *pchf;
   /* set in _cpp_read_file_entries;
      used in check_file_against_entries */

In init.c init_library has:

static int initialized = 0;

without a mutex.

lex.c has (for some architectures):

static search_line_fast_type search_line_fast;

which is a callback set up by init_vectorized_lexer without a mutex.

macro.c has some stats:

unsigned num_expanded_macros_counter = 0;
unsigned num_macro_tokens_counter = 0;

makeucnid.c is a build-time tool for generating a header from the description of unicode (code points of valid identifiers)


Global state was reported by my custom pass as:

  • decumber.c:

    static Unit uarrone[1]={1};
  • “const uint8_t * mfctop”



Kitchen sink of code, used at compile-time.

alloca.c has:

static header *last_alloca_header = NULL;     /* -> last alloca header.  */




“Quad-Precision Math Library”





Yet another copy of zlib

Build glue

  • gnattools
  • libada

Run-time libraries

The following are used at run-time by the output of the compiler, not as for implementing the compiler itself, and thus aren’t relevant to state removal:

  • boehm-gc (used at run-time by Java and ObjectiveC)
  • libatomic (defines a libat_-prefixed API, which appears to be a run-time library (written by rth), used by libgo. Also used as a fallback for C/C++ atomic operations that the hardware doesn’t support
  • libffi (used at run-time by libgo and libjava)
  • libitm (Transactional Memory Library)
  • libgcc
  • libgfortran (presumably runtime support for fortran)
  • libgo (runtime support library for Go)
  • libgomp (runtime support library for OpenMP)
  • libjava (runtime library for gcj)
  • libmudflap (runtime library for mudflap)
  • libobjc (runtime library for Objective C)
  • libsanitizer (runtime library for asan and tsan)
  • libssp (runtime parts of stack protection e.g. __strcpy_chk)
  • libstdc++-v3 (C++ standard library)

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