Testing BoF

GNU Tools Cauldron 2016

David Malcolm <dmalcolm@redhat.com>



  • selftest framework
  • RTL frontend (vs RTL selftests)
  • gimple frontend (are Prasad or Richi here?)


  • making test suite more independent of GCC

Ed and Graham:

  • parallelism ideas

Automated testing improvements

The earlier a bug is detected, the better.

[*] (expressed as the number of PASS results)


(this is in trunk for GCC 7)

"-fself-test" (2)

[*] in terms of the count of checks that are run at runtime

"-fself-test" (3)

The location & diagnostics tests are actually each run 24 times, exercising the various combinations of

Very hard to achieve this level of coverage with our traditional DejaGnu end-to-end approach

"-fself-test" (4)

"-fself-test" (5)

Questions about -fself-test:

RTL frontend -> selftests

gimple frontend

(are Prasad or Richi here?)