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typedef int alias_set_type


alias_set_type new_alias_set (void)
alias_set_type get_alias_set (tree)
alias_set_type get_deref_alias_set (tree)
alias_set_type get_varargs_alias_set (void)
alias_set_type get_frame_alias_set (void)
tree component_uses_parent_alias_set_from (const_tree)
bool alias_set_subset_of (alias_set_type, alias_set_type)
void record_alias_subset (alias_set_type, alias_set_type)
void record_component_aliases (tree)
int alias_sets_conflict_p (alias_set_type, alias_set_type)
int alias_sets_must_conflict_p (alias_set_type, alias_set_type)
int objects_must_conflict_p (tree, tree)
int nonoverlapping_memrefs_p (const_rtx, const_rtx, bool)
tree reference_alias_ptr_type (tree)
bool alias_ptr_types_compatible_p (tree, tree)

Typedef Documentation

typedef int alias_set_type
   The type of an alias set.  Code currently assumes that variables of
   this type can take the values 0 (the alias set which aliases
   everything) and -1 (sometimes indicating that the alias set is
   unknown, sometimes indicating a memory barrier) and -2 (indicating
   that the alias set should be set to a unique value but has not been
   set yet).  

Function Documentation

bool alias_ptr_types_compatible_p ( tree  ,
bool alias_set_subset_of ( alias_set_type  ,
int alias_sets_conflict_p ( alias_set_type  ,
int alias_sets_must_conflict_p ( alias_set_type  ,
tree component_uses_parent_alias_set_from ( const_tree  )
alias_set_type get_alias_set ( tree  )
alias_set_type get_deref_alias_set ( tree  )
alias_set_type get_frame_alias_set ( void  )
alias_set_type get_varargs_alias_set ( void  )
     We now lower VA_ARG_EXPR, and there's currently no way to attach the
     varargs alias set to an INDIRECT_REF (FIXME!), so we can't
     consistently use the varargs alias set for loads from the varargs
     area.  So don't use it anywhere.  
alias_set_type new_alias_set ( void  )
   Return a brand-new alias set.  

References get_alias_set(), and record_alias_subset().

int nonoverlapping_memrefs_p ( const_rtx  ,
const_rtx  ,
int objects_must_conflict_p ( tree  ,
void record_alias_subset ( alias_set_type  ,
void record_component_aliases ( tree  )
tree reference_alias_ptr_type ( tree  )