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gdbhooks.Tree Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def is_nonnull

Data Fields


Detailed Description

Wrapper around a gdb.Value for a tree, with various methods
corresponding to macros in gcc/tree.h

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def gdbhooks.Tree.__init__ (   self,

Member Function Documentation

def gdbhooks.Tree.DECL_NAME (   self)
Get Tree instance corresponding to DECL_NAME (self)

References gdbhooks.Tree.gdbval.

def gdbhooks.Tree.IDENTIFIER_POINTER (   self)
Get str correspoinding to result of IDENTIFIER_NODE (self)

References gdbhooks.Tree.gdbval.

def gdbhooks.Tree.is_nonnull (   self)

References gdbhooks.Tree.gdbval.

def gdbhooks.Tree.TREE_CODE (   self)
Get gdb.Value corresponding to TREE_CODE (self)
as per:
  #define TREE_CODE(NODE) ((enum tree_code) (NODE)->base.code)

References gdbhooks.Tree.gdbval.

def gdbhooks.Tree.TYPE_NAME (   self)
Get Tree instance corresponding to result of TYPE_NAME (self)

References gdbhooks.Tree.gdbval.

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