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strlen_dom_walker Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 strlen_dom_walker (cdi_direction direction)
virtual void before_dom_children (basic_block)
virtual void after_dom_children (basic_block)
void walk (basic_block)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

strlen_dom_walker::strlen_dom_walker ( cdi_direction  direction)

Member Function Documentation

void strlen_dom_walker::after_dom_children ( basic_block  bb)
   Callback for walk_dominator_tree.  Free strinfo vector if it is
   owned by the current bb, clear bb->aux.  

Reimplemented from dom_walker.

void strlen_dom_walker::before_dom_children ( basic_block  bb)
   Callback for walk_dominator_tree.  Attempt to optimize various
   string ops by remembering string lenths pointed by pointer SSA_NAMEs.  
                         If there were too many vdefs in between immediate
                         dominator and current bb, invalidate everything.
                         If stridx_to_strinfo has been unshared, we need
                         to free it, otherwise just set it to NULL.  
     If all PHI arguments have the same string index, the PHI result
     has it as well.  
     Attempt to optimize individual statements.  

Reimplemented from dom_walker.

References basic_block_def::aux, free_strinfo(), si, vec_free(), vec_safe_iterate(), and vec_safe_length().

void dom_walker::walk ( basic_block  bb)
     Walk the dominator tree.  
   Recursively walk the dominator tree.
   BB is the basic block we are currently visiting.  
         Don't worry about unreachable blocks.  
             Callback for subclasses to do custom things before we have walked
             the dominator children, but before we walk statements.  
             Mark the current BB to be popped out of the recursion stack
             once children are processed.  
         NULL is used to mark pop operations in the recursion stack.  
             Callback allowing subclasses to do custom things after we have
             walked dominator children, but before we walk statements.  

References bb_postorder, free(), inverted_post_order_compute(), and postorder_num.

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