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typedef source_location location_t


expanded_location expand_location (source_location)
const char * location_get_source_line (expanded_location xloc)
expanded_location expand_location_to_spelling_point (source_location)
source_location expansion_point_location_if_in_system_header (source_location)
void dump_line_table_statistics (void)


struct line_maps * line_table
char builtins_location_check [(BUILTINS_LOCATION< RESERVED_LOCATION_COUNT)?1:-1]
location_t input_location

Typedef Documentation

typedef source_location location_t
   Historically GCC used location_t, while cpp used source_location.
   This could be removed but it hardly seems worth the effort.  

Function Documentation

void dump_line_table_statistics ( void  )
   Dump statistics to stderr about the memory usage of the line_table
   set of line maps.  This also displays some statistics about macro
expanded_location expand_location ( source_location  )
expanded_location expand_location_to_spelling_point ( source_location  )
source_location expansion_point_location_if_in_system_header ( source_location  )
const char* location_get_source_line ( expanded_location  xloc)

Variable Documentation

char builtins_location_check[(BUILTINS_LOCATION< RESERVED_LOCATION_COUNT)?1:-1]
   line-map.c reserves RESERVED_LOCATION_COUNT to the user.  Ensure
   both UNKNOWN_LOCATION and BUILTINS_LOCATION fit into that.  
location_t input_location

Data and functions related to line maps and input files. Copyright (C) 2004-2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

This file is part of GCC.

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