GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
_bb_vec_info Struct Reference

#include <tree-vectorizer.h>

Collaboration diagram for _bb_vec_info:

Data Fields

basic_block bb
vec< gimplegrouped_stores
vec< slp_instanceslp_instances
vec< data_reference_pdatarefs
vec< ddr_pddrs
void * target_cost_data

Field Documentation

basic_block _bb_vec_info::bb
vec<data_reference_p> _bb_vec_info::datarefs
     All data references in the basic block.  
vec<ddr_p> _bb_vec_info::ddrs
     All data dependences in the basic block.  
vec<gimple> _bb_vec_info::grouped_stores
     All interleaving chains of stores in the basic block, represented by the
     first stmt in the chain.  
vec<slp_instance> _bb_vec_info::slp_instances
     All SLP instances in the basic block. This is a subset of the set of
     GROUP_STORES of the basic block.  
void* _bb_vec_info::target_cost_data
     Cost data used by the target cost model.  

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