GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
_slp_instance Struct Reference

#include <tree-vectorizer.h>

Collaboration diagram for _slp_instance:

Data Fields

slp_tree root
unsigned int group_size
unsigned int unrolling_factor
stmt_vector_for_cost body_cost_vec
vec< slp_treeloads
gimple first_load

Detailed Description

   SLP instance is a sequence of stmts in a loop that can be packed into
   SIMD stmts.  

Field Documentation

stmt_vector_for_cost _slp_instance::body_cost_vec
     Vectorization costs associated with SLP instance.  
gimple _slp_instance::first_load
     The first scalar load of the instance. The created vector loads will be
     inserted before this statement.  
unsigned int _slp_instance::group_size
     Size of groups of scalar stmts that will be replaced by SIMD stmt/s.  
vec<slp_tree> _slp_instance::loads
     The group of nodes that contain loads of this SLP instance.  
slp_tree _slp_instance::root
     The root of SLP tree.  
unsigned int _slp_instance::unrolling_factor
     The unrolling factor required to vectorized this SLP instance.  

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