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_slp_tree Struct Reference

#include <tree-vectorizer.h>

Collaboration diagram for _slp_tree:

Data Fields

vec< slp_treechildren
vec< gimplestmts
vec< unsigned > load_permutation
vec< gimplevec_stmts
unsigned int vec_stmts_size

Detailed Description

   A computation tree of an SLP instance.  Each node corresponds to a group of
   stmts to be packed in a SIMD stmt.  

Field Documentation

vec<slp_tree> _slp_tree::children
     Nodes that contain def-stmts of this node statements operands.  
vec<unsigned> _slp_tree::load_permutation
     Load permutation relative to the stores, NULL if there is no

Referenced by vect_mark_slp_stmts_relevant(), and vect_slp_rearrange_stmts().

vec<gimple> _slp_tree::stmts
     A group of scalar stmts to be vectorized together.  
vec<gimple> _slp_tree::vec_stmts
     Vectorized stmt/s.  
unsigned int _slp_tree::vec_stmts_size
     Number of vector stmts that are created to replace the group of scalar
     stmts. It is calculated during the transformation phase as the number of
     scalar elements in one scalar iteration (GROUP_SIZE) multiplied by VF
     divided by vector size.  

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