GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
address_cost_data_s Struct Reference

Data Fields

HOST_WIDE_INT min_offset
HOST_WIDE_INT max_offset
unsigned costs [2][2][2][2]

Detailed Description

   Returns cost of address in shape symbol + var + OFFSET + RATIO * index.
   If SYMBOL_PRESENT is false, symbol is omitted.  If VAR_PRESENT is false,
   variable is omitted.  Compute the cost for a memory reference that accesses
   a memory location of mode MEM_MODE in address space AS.

   MAY_AUTOINC is set to true if the autoincrement (increasing index by
   size of MEM_MODE / RATIO) is available.  To make this determination, we
   look at the size of the increment to be made, which is given in CSTEP.
   CSTEP may be zero if the step is unknown.
   STMT_AFTER_INC is true iff the statement we're looking at is after the
   increment of the original biv.

   TODO -- there must be some better way.  This all is quite crude.  

Field Documentation

unsigned address_cost_data_s::costs[2][2][2][2]

Referenced by get_address_cost().

HOST_WIDE_INT address_cost_data_s::max_offset

Referenced by get_use_type().

HOST_WIDE_INT address_cost_data_s::min_offset

Referenced by get_use_type().

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