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affine_tree_combination Struct Reference

#include <tree-affine.h>

Collaboration diagram for affine_tree_combination:

Data Fields

tree type
double_int offset
unsigned n
struct aff_comb_elt elts [MAX_AFF_ELTS]
tree rest

Field Documentation

struct aff_comb_elt affine_tree_combination::elts[MAX_AFF_ELTS]
     Elements and their coefficients.  Type of elements may be different from
     TYPE, but their sizes must be the same (STRIP_NOPS is applied to the

     The coefficients are always sign extended from the precision of TYPE
     (regardless of signedness of TYPE).  

Referenced by aff_combination_add_cst(), aff_combination_add_elt(), aff_combination_constant_multiple_p(), aff_combination_mult(), aff_combination_remove_elt(), double_int_constant_multiple_p(), fixed_address_object_p(), most_expensive_mult_to_index(), move_pointer_to_base(), and unshare_aff_combination().

double_int affine_tree_combination::offset
tree affine_tree_combination::rest
     Remainder of the expression.  Usually NULL, used only if there are more
     than MAX_AFF_ELTS elements.  Type of REST will be either sizetype for

Referenced by aff_combination_add_cst(), aff_combination_add_elt(), aff_combination_add_product(), aff_combination_constant_multiple_p(), aff_combination_remove_elt(), double_int_constant_multiple_p(), and unshare_aff_combination().

tree affine_tree_combination::type
     Type of the result of the combination.  

Referenced by aff_combination_add(), aff_combination_constant_multiple_p(), and aff_combination_scale().

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