GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
alloc_pool_def Struct Reference

#include <alloc-pool.h>

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Data Fields

const char * name
size_t elts_per_block
alloc_pool_list returned_free_list
char * virgin_free_list
size_t virgin_elts_remaining
size_t elts_allocated
size_t elts_free
size_t blocks_allocated
alloc_pool_list block_list
size_t block_size
size_t elt_size

Field Documentation

alloc_pool_list alloc_pool_def::block_list
size_t alloc_pool_def::block_size
size_t alloc_pool_def::blocks_allocated
size_t alloc_pool_def::elt_size

Referenced by free_alloc_pool().

size_t alloc_pool_def::elts_allocated
size_t alloc_pool_def::elts_free
size_t alloc_pool_def::elts_per_block
ALLOC_POOL_ID_TYPE alloc_pool_def::id
const char* alloc_pool_def::name

Referenced by free_alloc_pool().

alloc_pool_list alloc_pool_def::returned_free_list
     These are the elements that have been allocated at least once and freed.  
size_t alloc_pool_def::virgin_elts_remaining
     The number of elements in the virgin_free_list that can be
     allocated before needing another block.  

Referenced by free_alloc_pool_if_empty().

char* alloc_pool_def::virgin_free_list
     These are the elements that have not yet been allocated out of
     the last block obtained from XNEWVEC.  

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