GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
allocation_object_def Struct Reference

Data Fields

union {
   char   data [1]
   char *   align_p
   HOST_WIDEST_INT   align_i

Detailed Description

   The internal allocation object.  

Field Documentation

HOST_WIDEST_INT allocation_object_def::align_i
char* allocation_object_def::align_p
         Because we want any type of data to be well aligned after the ID,
         the following elements are here.  They are never accessed so
         the allocated object may be even smaller than this structure.
         We do not care about alignment for floating-point types.  
char allocation_object_def::data[1]
         The data of the object.  

Referenced by allocate_pool_descriptor().

ALLOC_POOL_ID_TYPE allocation_object_def::id
     The ID of alloc pool which the object was allocated from.  
union { ... } allocation_object_def::u

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