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allocno_hard_regs_node Struct Reference
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Data Fields

int preorder_num
int check
int conflict_size
int hard_regs_num
bool used_p
allocno_hard_regs_t hard_regs
allocno_hard_regs_node_t parent
allocno_hard_regs_node_t first
allocno_hard_regs_node_t prev
allocno_hard_regs_node_t next

Detailed Description

   A node representing allocno hard registers.  Such nodes form a
   forest (set of trees).  Each subnode of given node in the forest
   refers for hard register set (usually allocno profitable hard
   register set) which is a subset of one referred from given

Field Documentation

int allocno_hard_regs_node::check
     Used for different calculation like finding conflict size of an

Referenced by finish_allocno_hard_regs(), and finish_allocno_hard_regs_nodes_tree().

int allocno_hard_regs_node::conflict_size
     Used for calculation of conflict size of an allocno.  The
     conflict size of the allocno is maximal number of given allocno
     hard registers needed for allocation of the conflicting allocnos.
     Given allocno is trivially colored if this number plus the number
     of hard registers needed for given allocno is not greater than
     the number of given allocno hard register set.  

Referenced by finish_allocno_hard_regs_nodes_tree().

allocno_hard_regs_t allocno_hard_regs_node::hard_regs
     Pointer to the corresponding profitable hard registers.  

Referenced by finish_allocno_hard_regs(), and setup_allocno_hard_regs_nodes_parent().

int allocno_hard_regs_node::hard_regs_num
     The number of hard registers given by member hard_regs.  

Referenced by finish_allocno_hard_regs().

allocno_hard_regs_node_t allocno_hard_regs_node::parent
     Parent, first subnode, previous and next node with the same
     parent in the forest.  

Referenced by print_hard_regs_forest().

int allocno_hard_regs_node::preorder_num
     Set up number of the node in preorder traversing of the forest.  

Referenced by enumerate_allocno_hard_regs_nodes(), print_hard_regs_forest(), and setup_allocno_hard_regs_nodes_parent().

bool allocno_hard_regs_node::used_p
     The following member is used to form the final forest.  

Referenced by finish_allocno_hard_regs(), and print_hard_reg_set().

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