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arc Struct Reference
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Data Fields

state_t to_state
ainsn_t insn
arc_t next_out_arc
arc_t next_arc_marked_by_insn

Detailed Description

   Automaton arc.  

Field Documentation

ainsn_t arc::insn
     The following field describes that the insn issue (with cycle
     advancing for special insn `cycle advancing' and without cycle
     advancing for others) makes transition from given state to
     another given state.  
arc_t arc::next_arc_marked_by_insn
     List of arcs marked given insn is formed with the following
     field.  The field is used in transformation NDFA -> DFA.  
arc_t arc::next_out_arc
     The following field value is the next arc output from the same
state_t arc::to_state
     The following field refers for the state into which given arc

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