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arc_info Struct Reference
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Data Fields

struct block_infosrc
struct block_infodst
gcov_type count
gcov_type cs_count
unsigned int count_valid: 1
unsigned int on_tree: 1
unsigned int fake: 1
unsigned int fall_through: 1
unsigned int is_throw: 1
unsigned int is_call_non_return: 1
unsigned int is_nonlocal_return: 1
unsigned int is_unconditional: 1
unsigned int cycle: 1
struct arc_infoline_next
struct arc_infosucc_next
struct arc_infopred_next

Detailed Description

   Describes an arc between two basic blocks.  

Field Documentation

gcov_type arc_info::count
     transition counts.  

Referenced by get_gcov_intermediate_filename(), and read_graph_file().

unsigned int arc_info::count_valid

Referenced by read_graph_file().

gcov_type arc_info::cs_count
     used in cycle search, so that we do not clobber original counts.  
unsigned int arc_info::cycle
     Loop making arc.  
struct block_info* arc_info::dst
unsigned int arc_info::fake

Referenced by read_graph_file().

unsigned int arc_info::fall_through

Referenced by read_graph_file().

unsigned int arc_info::is_call_non_return
     Arc is for a function that abnormally returns.  

Referenced by read_graph_file().

unsigned int arc_info::is_nonlocal_return
     Arc is for catch/setjmp.  

Referenced by read_graph_file().

unsigned int arc_info::is_throw
     Arc to a catch handler.  
unsigned int arc_info::is_unconditional
     Is an unconditional branch.  
struct arc_info* arc_info::line_next
     Next branch on line.  

Referenced by mangle_name().

unsigned int arc_info::on_tree

Referenced by read_graph_file().

struct arc_info* arc_info::pred_next

Referenced by mangle_name(), and read_graph_file().

struct block_info* arc_info::src
     source and destination blocks.  

Referenced by get_gcov_intermediate_filename(), mangle_name(), and read_graph_file().

struct arc_info* arc_info::succ_next
     Links to next arc on src and dst lists.  

Referenced by read_graph_file(), and solve_flow_graph().

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