GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
aux_bb_info Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for aux_bb_info:

Data Fields

int size
same_succ bb_same_succ
bb_cluster cluster
tree vop_at_exit
basic_block dep_bb

Detailed Description

   Per bb-info.  

Field Documentation

same_succ aux_bb_info::bb_same_succ
     The same_succ that this bb is a member of.  
bb_cluster aux_bb_info::cluster
     The cluster that this bb is a member of.  
basic_block aux_bb_info::dep_bb
     The bb that either contains or is dominated by the dependencies of the
int aux_bb_info::size
     The number of non-debug statements in the bb.  
tree aux_bb_info::vop_at_exit
     The vop state at the exit of a bb.  This is shortlived data, used to
     communicate data between update_block_by and update_vuses.  

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