GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
bb_rename_info Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for bb_rename_info:

Data Fields

basic_block bb
bitmap_head open_chains_set
bitmap_head incoming_open_chains_set
struct incoming_reg_info incoming [FIRST_PSEUDO_REGISTER]

Detailed Description

   A structure recording information about each basic block.  It is saved
   and restored around basic block boundaries.
   A pointer to such a structure is stored in each basic block's aux field
   during regrename_analyze, except for blocks we know can't be optimized
   (such as entry and exit blocks).  

Field Documentation

basic_block bb_rename_info::bb
     The basic block corresponding to this structure.  
struct incoming_reg_info bb_rename_info::incoming[FIRST_PSEUDO_REGISTER]
bitmap_head bb_rename_info::incoming_open_chains_set
bitmap_head bb_rename_info::open_chains_set
     Copies of the global information.  

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