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block_info_def Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for block_info_def:

Data Fields

sreal frequency
basic_block next
int npredecessors
struct stack_def stack_in
struct stack_def stack_out
HARD_REG_SET out_reg_set
int done
int predecessors

Detailed Description

   This is used to carry information about basic blocks.  It is
   attached to the AUX field of the standard CFG block.  

Field Documentation

int block_info_def::done
sreal block_info_def::frequency
     Estimated frequency of execution of basic_block.  
basic_block block_info_def::next
     To keep queue of basic blocks to process.  
int block_info_def::npredecessors
     Number of predecessors we need to visit first.  
HARD_REG_SET block_info_def::out_reg_set
int block_info_def::predecessors
struct stack_def block_info_def::stack_in
struct stack_def block_info_def::stack_out

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