GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
cgraph_local_info Struct Reference

#include <cgraph.h>

Data Fields

unsigned local: 1
unsigned versionable: 1
unsigned can_change_signature: 1
unsigned redefined_extern_inline: 1
unsigned tm_may_enter_irr: 1

Detailed Description

   Information about the function collected locally.
   Available after function is analyzed.  

Field Documentation

unsigned cgraph_local_info::can_change_signature
     False when function calling convention and signature can not be changed.
     This is the case when __builtin_apply_args is used.  
unsigned cgraph_local_info::local
     Set when function function is visible in current compilation unit only
     and its address is never taken.  

Referenced by cgraph_unnest_node(), contains_hot_call_p(), and update_call_expr().

unsigned cgraph_local_info::redefined_extern_inline
     True when the function has been originally extern inline, but it is
     redefined now.  

Referenced by referred_to_p().

unsigned cgraph_local_info::tm_may_enter_irr
     True if the function may enter serial irrevocable mode.  

Referenced by expand_assign_tm().

unsigned cgraph_local_info::versionable
     False when there is something makes versioning impossible.  

Referenced by print_all_lattices(), and spread_undeadness().

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