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chunk_info Struct Reference

#include <pretty-print.h>

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Data Fields

struct chunk_infoprev
const char * args [PP_NL_ARGMAX *2]

Detailed Description

   The chunk_info data structure forms a stack of the results from the
   first phase of formatting (pp_format) which have not yet been
   output (pp_output_formatted_text).  A stack is necessary because
   the diagnostic starter may decide to generate its own output by way
   of the formatter.  

Field Documentation

const char* chunk_info::args[PP_NL_ARGMAX *2]
     Array of chunks to output.  Each chunk is a NUL-terminated string.
     In the first phase of formatting, even-numbered chunks are
     to be output verbatim, odd-numbered chunks are format specifiers.
     The second phase replaces all odd-numbered chunks with formatted
     text, and the third phase simply emits all the chunks in sequence
     with appropriate line-wrapping.  

Referenced by pp_indent().

struct chunk_info* chunk_info::prev
     Pointer to previous chunk on the stack.  

Referenced by pp_indent().

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