GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
cl_decoded_option Struct Reference

#include <opts.h>

Data Fields

size_t opt_index
const char * warn_message
const char * arg
const char * orig_option_with_args_text
const char * canonical_option [4]
size_t canonical_option_num_elements
int value
int errors

Detailed Description

   Structure describing the result of decoding an option.  

Field Documentation

const char* cl_decoded_option::arg
     The string argument, or NULL if none.  For OPT_SPECIAL_* cases,
     the option or non-option command-line argument.  

Referenced by convert_filename(), display_help(), generate_option(), handle_option(), read_cmdline_options(), and set_option_handlers().

const char* cl_decoded_option::canonical_option[4]
     The canonical form of the option and its argument, for when it is
     necessary to reconstruct argv elements (in particular, for
     processing specs and passing options to subprocesses from the

Referenced by convert_filename(), generate_canonical_option(), and handle_option().

size_t cl_decoded_option::canonical_option_num_elements
     The number of elements in the canonical form of the option and
     arguments; always at least 1.  

Referenced by convert_filename(), generate_canonical_option(), and handle_option().

int cl_decoded_option::errors
     Any flags describing errors detected in this option.  

Referenced by convert_filename(), generate_option(), and handle_option().

size_t cl_decoded_option::opt_index
     The index of this option, or an OPT_SPECIAL_* value for
     non-options and unknown options.  

Referenced by cancel_option(), convert_filename(), display_help(), generate_option(), handle_option(), and merge_and_complain().

const char* cl_decoded_option::orig_option_with_args_text
     The original text of option plus arguments, with separate argv
     elements concatenated into one string with spaces separating
     them.  This is for such uses as diagnostics and

Referenced by generate_option(), handle_option(), and merge_and_complain().

int cl_decoded_option::value
     For a boolean option, 1 for the true case and 0 for the "no-"
     case.  For an unsigned integer option, the value of the
     argument.  1 in all other cases.  

Referenced by display_help(), and handle_option().

const char* cl_decoded_option::warn_message
     Any warning to give for use of this option, or NULL if none.  

Referenced by generate_option(), and handle_option().

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