GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
cl_option Struct Reference

#include <opts.h>

Data Fields

const char * opt_text
const char * help
const char * missing_argument_error
const char * warn_message
const char * alias_arg
const char * neg_alias_arg
unsigned short alias_target
unsigned short back_chain
unsigned char opt_len
int neg_index
unsigned int flags
BOOL_BITFIELD cl_disabled: 1
unsigned int cl_separate_nargs: 2
BOOL_BITFIELD cl_separate_alias: 1
BOOL_BITFIELD cl_negative_alias: 1
BOOL_BITFIELD cl_no_driver_arg: 1
BOOL_BITFIELD cl_reject_driver: 1
BOOL_BITFIELD cl_reject_negative: 1
BOOL_BITFIELD cl_missing_ok: 1
BOOL_BITFIELD cl_uinteger: 1
BOOL_BITFIELD cl_host_wide_int: 1
BOOL_BITFIELD cl_tolower: 1
BOOL_BITFIELD cl_report: 1
unsigned short flag_var_offset
unsigned short var_enum
enum cl_var_type var_type
HOST_WIDE_INT var_value

Field Documentation

const char* cl_option::alias_arg
     Argument of alias target when positive option given, or NULL.  
unsigned short cl_option::alias_target
     Alias target, or N_OPTS if not an alias.  
unsigned short cl_option::back_chain
     Previous option that is an initial substring of this one, or
     N_OPTS if none.  
BOOL_BITFIELD cl_option::cl_disabled
     Disabled in this configuration.  
BOOL_BITFIELD cl_option::cl_host_wide_int
     Argument is a HOST_WIDE_INT.  

Referenced by option_flag_var().

BOOL_BITFIELD cl_option::cl_missing_ok
     Missing argument OK (joined).  
BOOL_BITFIELD cl_option::cl_negative_alias
     Alias to negative form of option.  
BOOL_BITFIELD cl_option::cl_no_driver_arg
     Option takes no argument in the driver.  
BOOL_BITFIELD cl_option::cl_reject_driver
     Reject this option in the driver.  
BOOL_BITFIELD cl_option::cl_reject_negative
     Reject no- form.  
BOOL_BITFIELD cl_option::cl_report
     Report argument with -fverbose-asm  
BOOL_BITFIELD cl_option::cl_separate_alias
     Option is an alias when used with separate argument.  

Referenced by generate_canonical_option().

unsigned int cl_option::cl_separate_nargs
     Options marked with CL_SEPARATE take a number of separate
     arguments (1 to 4) that is one more than the number in this
BOOL_BITFIELD cl_option::cl_tolower
     Argument should be converted to lowercase.  
BOOL_BITFIELD cl_option::cl_uinteger
     Argument is an integer >=0.  
unsigned short cl_option::flag_var_offset
     Offset of field for this option in struct gcc_options, or
     (unsigned short) -1 if none.  
unsigned int cl_option::flags
const char* cl_option::help
     Help text for --help, or NULL.  
const char* cl_option::missing_argument_error
     Error message for missing argument, or NULL.  

Referenced by generate_option().

const char* cl_option::neg_alias_arg
     Argument of alias target when negative option given, or NULL.  
int cl_option::neg_index
     Next option in a sequence marked with Negative, or -1 if none.  

Referenced by cancel_option().

unsigned char cl_option::opt_len
     Option length, not including initial '-'.  

Referenced by find_opt().

const char* cl_option::opt_text
     Text of the option, including initial '-'.  

Referenced by generate_canonical_option().

unsigned short cl_option::var_enum
     Index in cl_enums of enum used for this option's arguments, for
     CLVC_ENUM options.  

Referenced by enum_arg_to_value(), and set_option().

enum cl_var_type cl_option::var_type
     How this option's value is determined and sets a field.  

Referenced by enum_arg_to_value().

HOST_WIDE_INT cl_option::var_value
     Value or bit-mask with which to set a field.  
const char* cl_option::warn_message
     Warning to give when this option is used, or NULL.  

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