GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
clast_name_index Struct Reference

Data Fields

int index
int level
mpz_t bound_one
mpz_t bound_two
const char * name
char * free_name

Detailed Description

   Stores the INDEX in a vector and the loop nesting LEVEL for a given
   clast NAME.  BOUND_ONE and BOUND_TWO represent the exact lower and
   upper bounds that can be inferred from the polyhedral representation.  

Field Documentation

mpz_t clast_name_index::bound_one
mpz_t clast_name_index::bound_two
char* clast_name_index::free_name
     If free_name is set, the content of name was allocated by us and needs
     to be freed.  

Referenced by clast_name_to_index().

int clast_name_index::index
int clast_name_index::level
const char* clast_name_index::name

Referenced by clast_name_to_index().

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