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comparison Struct Reference
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Data Fields

rtx insn
rtx prev_clobber
rtx in_a
rtx in_b
struct comparison_use uses [MAX_CMP_USE]
enum machine_mode orig_mode
unsigned short n_uses
bool missing_uses
bool inputs_valid

Field Documentation

rtx comparison::in_a
     The two values being compared.  These will be either REGs or
rtx comparison::in_b
bool comparison::inputs_valid
     True if its inputs are still valid at the end of the block.  
rtx comparison::insn
     The comparison instruction.  
bool comparison::missing_uses
     True if not all uses of this comparison have been identified.
     This can happen either for overflowing the array above, or if
     the flags register is used in some unusual context.  
unsigned short comparison::n_uses
     The number of uses identified for this comparison.  
enum machine_mode comparison::orig_mode
     The original CC_MODE for this comparison.  
rtx comparison::prev_clobber
     The insn prior to the comparison insn that clobbers the flags.  
struct comparison_use comparison::uses[MAX_CMP_USE]
     Information about how this comparison is used.  

Referenced by maybe_select_cc_mode().

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