GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
condition Struct Reference

#include <ipa-inline.h>

Data Fields

tree val
int operand_num
ENUM_BITFIELD(tree_code) code
agg_contents: 1
unsigned by_ref: 1

Detailed Description


Inlining decision heuristics. Copyright (C) 2003-2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc. Contributed by Jan Hubicka

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   Representation of inline parameters that do depend on context function is
   inlined into (i.e. known constant values of function parameters.

   Conditions that are interesting for function body are collected into CONDS
   vector.  They are of simple for  function_param OP VAL, where VAL is
   IPA invariant.  The conditions are then referred by predicates.  

Field Documentation

ENUM_BITFIELD (tree_code) code unsigned condition::agg_contents
       Set if the used data were loaded from an aggregate parameter or from
       data received by reference.  
unsigned condition::by_ref
       If agg_contents is set, this differentiates between loads from data
       passed by reference and by value.  

Referenced by set_hint_predicate().

HOST_WIDE_INT condition::offset
       If agg_contents is set, this is the offset from which the used data was

Referenced by set_hint_predicate().

int condition::operand_num
tree condition::val

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