GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
constant_descriptor_tree Struct Reference

#include <cgraph.h>

Collaboration diagram for constant_descriptor_tree:

Data Fields

rtx rtl
tree value
hashval_t hash

Detailed Description

   Uniquize all constants that appear in memory.
   Each constant in memory thus far output is recorded
   in `const_desc_table'.  

Field Documentation

hashval_t constant_descriptor_tree::hash
     Hash of value.  Computing the hash from value each time
     hashfn is called can't work properly, as that means recursive
     use of the hash table during hash table expansion.  

Referenced by get_constant_size().

rtx constant_descriptor_tree::rtl
     A MEM for the constant.  
tree constant_descriptor_tree::value
     The value of the constant.  

Referenced by get_constant_size(), and initialize_sanitizer_builtins().

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