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Data Fields

struct datanext
const char * name
const char * template_code
int code_number
int index_number
const char * filename
int lineno
int n_generator_args
int n_operands
int n_dups
int n_alternatives
int operand_number
int output_format
struct operand_data operand [MAX_MAX_OPERANDS]

Detailed Description

   Record in this chain all information that we will output,
   associated with the code number of the insn.  

Field Documentation

int data::code_number
const char* data::filename

Referenced by gen_split().

int data::index_number

Referenced by validate_insn_operands().

int data::lineno

Referenced by process_template().

int data::n_alternatives

Referenced by process_template().

int data::n_dups
int data::n_generator_args
int data::n_operands

Referenced by place_operands().

const char* data::name

Referenced by gen_split(), and n_occurrences().

struct data* data::next
struct operand_data data::operand[MAX_MAX_OPERANDS]

Referenced by place_operands().

int data::operand_number
int data::output_format

Referenced by process_template().

const char* data::template_code

Referenced by process_template().

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