GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
data_reference Struct Reference

#include <tree-data-ref.h>

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Data Fields

gimple stmt
tree ref
void * aux
bool is_read
struct innermost_loop_behavior innermost
struct indices indices
struct dr_alias alias
struct access_matrixaccess_matrix

Field Documentation

struct access_matrix* data_reference::access_matrix
     Matrix representation for the data access functions.  
struct dr_alias data_reference::alias
     Alias information for the data reference.  
void* data_reference::aux
struct indices data_reference::indices
     Subscripts of this data reference.  
struct innermost_loop_behavior data_reference::innermost
     Behavior of the memory reference in the innermost loop.  
bool data_reference::is_read
     True when the data reference is in RHS of a stmt.  
tree data_reference::ref
     A pointer to the memory reference.  

Referenced by am_vector_index_for_loop().

gimple data_reference::stmt
     A pointer to the statement that contains this DR.  

Referenced by am_vector_index_for_loop(), vect_mark_slp_stmts(), and vect_peeling_hash_choose_best_peeling().

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