GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
dataflow_set_def Struct Reference
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Data Fields

HOST_WIDE_INT stack_adjust
shared_hash vars
shared_hash traversed_vars

Detailed Description

   Structure holding the IN or OUT set for a basic block.  

Field Documentation

attrs dataflow_set_def::regs[FIRST_PSEUDO_REGISTER]
     Attributes for registers (lists of attrs).  

Referenced by canonicalize_values_star().

HOST_WIDE_INT dataflow_set_def::stack_adjust
     Adjustment of stack offset.  
shared_hash dataflow_set_def::traversed_vars
     Vars that is being traversed.  
shared_hash dataflow_set_def::vars
     Variable locations.  

Referenced by canonicalize_values_star(), and find_src_set_src().

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