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description Struct Reference
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Data Fields

int decls_num
int normal_decls_num
int units_num
int query_units_num
int insns_num
int max_insn_reserv_cycles
automaton_t first_automaton
decl_t decls [1]

Detailed Description

   Represents description of pipeline hazard description based on

Field Documentation

decl_t description::decls[1]
     The following field is created by pipeline hazard parser and
     contains all declarations.  We allocate additional entries for
     two special insns which are added by the automaton generator.  

Referenced by add_arc(), evaluate_equiv_classes(), initiate_states(), output_internal_insn_latency_func(), output_internal_reset_func(), process_bypass_2(), and process_regexp_decls().

automaton_t description::first_automaton
     The following fields are defined by automaton generator.  
     The following field value is the first automaton.  

Referenced by count_states_and_arcs().

int description::insns_num
int description::max_insn_reserv_cycles
     The following field value is max length (in cycles) of
     reservations of insns.  The field value is defined only for
     correct programs.  

Referenced by process_regexp_decls().

int description::normal_decls_num
int description::query_units_num
int description::units_num
     The following fields are defined by checker.  
     The following fields values are correspondingly number of all
     units, query units, and insns in the description.  

Referenced by add_arc(), free_automata_list_el(), initiate_states(), and reserv_sets_shift().

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