GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
df_insn_info Struct Reference

#include <df.h>

Collaboration diagram for df_insn_info:

Data Fields

rtx insn
struct df_mw_hardreg ** mw_hardregs
int luid

Detailed Description

   One of these structures is allocated for every insn.  

Field Documentation

df_ref* df_insn_info::eq_uses
     Head of insn-use chain for uses in REG_EQUAL/EQUIV notes.  

Referenced by df_mw_hardreg_chain_delete().

int df_insn_info::luid
     The logical uid of the insn in the basic block.  This is valid
     after any call to df_analyze but may rot after insns are added,
     deleted or moved. 

Referenced by df_get_call_refs(), and df_live_free_bb_info().

struct df_mw_hardreg** df_insn_info::mw_hardregs

Referenced by df_ref_chain_delete().

df_ref* df_insn_info::uses

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