GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
df_rd_bb_info Struct Reference

#include <df.h>

Collaboration diagram for df_rd_bb_info:

Data Fields

bitmap_head kill
bitmap_head sparse_kill
bitmap_head gen
bitmap_head in
bitmap_head out

Detailed Description

   Reaching definitions.  All bitmaps are indexed by the id field of
   the ref except sparse_kill which is indexed by regno.  For the
   LR&RD problem, the kill set is not complete: It does not contain
   DEFs killed because the set register has died in the LR set.  

Field Documentation

bitmap_head df_rd_bb_info::gen
bitmap_head df_rd_bb_info::in
     The results of the dataflow problem.  

Referenced by df_chain_remove_problem().

bitmap_head df_rd_bb_info::kill
     Local sets to describe the basic blocks.   

Referenced by df_rd_bb_local_compute_process_def().

bitmap_head df_rd_bb_info::out
bitmap_head df_rd_bb_info::sparse_kill

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