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df_ref_info Struct Reference

#include <df.h>

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Data Fields

unsigned int * begin
unsigned int * count
unsigned int refs_size
unsigned int table_size
unsigned int total_size
enum df_ref_order ref_order

Detailed Description

   Two of these structures are inline in df, one for the uses and one
   for the defs.  This structure is only contains the refs within the
   boundary of the df_set_blocks if that has been defined.  

Field Documentation

unsigned int* df_ref_info::begin

Referenced by df_scan_add_problem().

unsigned int* df_ref_info::count

Referenced by df_scan_add_problem().

enum df_ref_order df_ref_info::ref_order
df_ref* df_ref_info::refs
unsigned int df_ref_info::refs_size
unsigned int df_ref_info::table_size
     Table_size is the number of elements in the refs table.  This
     will also be the width of the bitvectors in the rd and ru
     problems.  Total_size is the number of refs.  These will be the
     same if the focus has not been reduced by df_set_blocks.  If the
     focus has been reduced, table_size will be smaller since it only
     contains the refs in the set blocks.  
unsigned int df_ref_info::total_size

Referenced by df_grow_ref_info().

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