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die_struct Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for die_struct:

Data Structures

union  die_symbol_or_type_node

Data Fields

vec< dw_attr_node, va_gc > * die_attr
dw_die_ref die_parent
dw_die_ref die_child
dw_die_ref die_sib
dw_die_ref die_definition
dw_offset die_offset
unsigned long die_abbrev
int die_mark
unsigned int decl_id
enum dwarf_tag die_tag
BOOL_BITFIELD die_perennial_p: 1
BOOL_BITFIELD comdat_type_p: 1

Detailed Description

   The Debugging Information Entry (DIE) structure.  DIEs form a tree.
   The children of each node form a circular list linked by
   die_sib.  die_child points to the node *before* the "first" child node.  

Field Documentation

BOOL_BITFIELD die_struct::comdat_type_p
unsigned int die_struct::decl_id

Referenced by remove_AT().

unsigned long die_struct::die_abbrev
dw_die_ref die_struct::die_definition

Referenced by add_AT_vec().

union die_struct::die_symbol_or_type_node die_struct::die_id

Referenced by size_of_pubnames().

int die_struct::die_mark
BOOL_BITFIELD die_struct::die_perennial_p
     Die is used and must not be pruned as unused.  

Referenced by lookup_external_ref(), and var_location_switch_text_section_1().

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