GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
dump_file_info Struct Reference

#include <dumpfile.h>

Data Fields

const char * suffix
const char * swtch
const char * glob
const char * pfilename
const char * alt_filename
FILE * pstream
FILE * alt_stream
int pflags
int optgroup_flags
int alt_flags
int pstate
int alt_state
int num

Detailed Description

   Define a tree dump switch.  

Field Documentation

const char* dump_file_info::alt_filename
int dump_file_info::alt_flags
int dump_file_info::alt_state
FILE* dump_file_info::alt_stream
const char* dump_file_info::glob
int dump_file_info::num
int dump_file_info::optgroup_flags
const char* dump_file_info::pfilename
int dump_file_info::pflags
FILE* dump_file_info::pstream
const char* dump_file_info::suffix
const char* dump_file_info::swtch

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