GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
dw_cfi_row_struct Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for dw_cfi_row_struct:

Data Fields

dw_cfa_location cfa
dw_cfi_ref cfa_cfi
cfi_vec reg_save

Detailed Description

   A collected description of an entire row of the abstract CFI table.  

Field Documentation

dw_cfa_location dw_cfi_row_struct::cfa
     The expression that computes the CFA, expressed in two different ways.
     The CFA member for the simple cases, and the full CFI expression for
     the complex cases.  The later will be a DW_CFA_cfa_expression.  

Referenced by cfi_label_required_p(), and create_trace_edges().

dw_cfi_ref dw_cfi_row_struct::cfa_cfi

Referenced by cfi_oprnd_equal_p().

cfi_vec dw_cfi_row_struct::reg_save
     The expressions for any register column that is saved.  

Referenced by add_cfi(), and create_trace_edges().

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