GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
dw_fde_struct Struct Reference

#include <dwarf2out.h>

Collaboration diagram for dw_fde_struct:

Data Fields

tree decl
const char * dw_fde_begin
const char * dw_fde_current_label
const char * dw_fde_end
const char * dw_fde_vms_end_prologue
const char * dw_fde_vms_begin_epilogue
const char * dw_fde_second_begin
const char * dw_fde_second_end
cfi_vec dw_fde_cfi
int dw_fde_switch_cfi_index
HOST_WIDE_INT stack_realignment
unsigned funcdef_number
unsigned fde_index
unsigned int drap_reg
unsigned int vdrap_reg
unsigned all_throwers_are_sibcalls: 1
unsigned uses_eh_lsda: 1
unsigned nothrow: 1
unsigned stack_realign: 1
unsigned drap_reg_saved: 1
unsigned in_std_section: 1
unsigned second_in_std_section: 1

Detailed Description

   All call frame descriptions (FDE's) in the GCC generated DWARF
   refer to a single Common Information Entry (CIE), defined at
   the beginning of the .debug_frame section.  This use of a single
   CIE obviates the need to keep track of multiple CIE's
   in the DWARF generation routines below.  

Field Documentation

unsigned dw_fde_struct::all_throwers_are_sibcalls
     These 3 flags are copied from rtl_data in function.h.  
tree dw_fde_struct::decl
unsigned int dw_fde_struct::drap_reg
     Dynamic realign argument pointer register.  
unsigned dw_fde_struct::drap_reg_saved
     Whether dynamic realign argument pointer register has been saved.  
const char* dw_fde_struct::dw_fde_begin
cfi_vec dw_fde_struct::dw_fde_cfi
const char* dw_fde_struct::dw_fde_current_label
const char* dw_fde_struct::dw_fde_end

Referenced by want_pubnames().

const char* dw_fde_struct::dw_fde_second_begin
const char* dw_fde_struct::dw_fde_second_end
int dw_fde_struct::dw_fde_switch_cfi_index
const char* dw_fde_struct::dw_fde_vms_begin_epilogue
const char* dw_fde_struct::dw_fde_vms_end_prologue
unsigned dw_fde_struct::fde_index
unsigned dw_fde_struct::funcdef_number
unsigned dw_fde_struct::in_std_section
     True iff dw_fde_begin label is in text_section or cold_text_section.  
unsigned dw_fde_struct::nothrow
unsigned dw_fde_struct::second_in_std_section
     True iff dw_fde_second_begin label is in text_section or
unsigned dw_fde_struct::stack_realign
     Whether we did stack realign in this call frame.  

Referenced by dwarf2out_frame_debug_cfa_window_save().

HOST_WIDE_INT dw_fde_struct::stack_realignment
unsigned dw_fde_struct::uses_eh_lsda

Referenced by fde_needed_for_eh_p().

unsigned int dw_fde_struct::vdrap_reg
     Virtual dynamic realign argument pointer register.  

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