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dw_loc_descr_struct Struct Reference

#include <dwarf2out.h>

Collaboration diagram for dw_loc_descr_struct:

Data Fields

dw_loc_descr_ref dw_loc_next
dw_loc_opc unsigned int 
dtprel: 1
int dw_loc_addr
dw_val_node dw_loc_oprnd1
dw_val_node dw_loc_oprnd2

Detailed Description

   Locations in memory are described using a sequence of stack machine

Field Documentation

ENUM_BITFIELD (dwarf_location_atom) dw_loc_opc unsigned int dw_loc_descr_struct::dtprel
     Used to distinguish DW_OP_addr with a direct symbol relocation
     from DW_OP_addr with a dtp-relative symbol relocation.  

Referenced by new_reg_loc_descr(), output_addr_table(), output_index_string_offset(), and prune_unused_types_walk_local_classes().

int dw_loc_descr_struct::dw_loc_addr
dw_loc_descr_ref dw_loc_descr_struct::dw_loc_next
dw_val_node dw_loc_descr_struct::dw_loc_oprnd2

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