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dw_loc_list_struct Struct Reference
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Data Fields

dw_loc_list_ref dw_loc_next
const char * begin
const char * end
char * ll_symbol
const char * section
dw_loc_descr_ref expr
hashval_t hash
bool resolved_addr
bool replaced
bool emitted
bool force

Detailed Description

   Location lists are ranges + location descriptions for that range,
   so you can track variables that are in different places over
   their entire life.  

Field Documentation

const char* dw_loc_list_struct::begin

Referenced by calc_die_sizes().

addr_table_entry* dw_loc_list_struct::begin_entry

Referenced by calc_die_sizes().

dw_loc_list_ref dw_loc_list_struct::dw_loc_next

Referenced by record_type_tag().

bool dw_loc_list_struct::emitted
const char* dw_loc_list_struct::end

Referenced by calc_die_sizes().

dw_loc_descr_ref dw_loc_list_struct::expr
bool dw_loc_list_struct::force
     True if the range should be emitted even if begin and end
     are the same.  
hashval_t dw_loc_list_struct::hash
char* dw_loc_list_struct::ll_symbol

Referenced by calc_die_sizes(), and unmark_all_dies().

bool dw_loc_list_struct::replaced
     True if this list has been replaced by dw_loc_next.  
bool dw_loc_list_struct::resolved_addr
     True if all addresses in this and subsequent lists are known to be
const char* dw_loc_list_struct::section

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