GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
eh_region_d::eh_region_u::eh_region_u_allowed Struct Reference

#include <except.h>

Data Fields

tree type_list
tree label
int filter

Field Documentation

int eh_region_d::eh_region_u::eh_region_u_allowed::filter
         The integer that will be passed by the runtime to signal that
         we should execute the code at LABEL.  This integer is assigned
         by assign_filter_values and is to be compared against the
         __builtin_eh_filter value.  
tree eh_region_d::eh_region_u::eh_region_u_allowed::label
         The code that should be executed if the thrown exception does
         not match the type list.  This label is only maintained until
         pass_lower_eh_dispatch, at which point it is cleared.  
tree eh_region_d::eh_region_u::eh_region_u_allowed::type_list
         A TREE_LIST of runtime type objects allowed to pass.  

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