GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
eni_weights_d Struct Reference

#include <tree-inline.h>

Data Fields

unsigned call_cost
unsigned indirect_call_cost
unsigned target_builtin_call_cost
unsigned div_mod_cost
unsigned omp_cost
unsigned tm_cost
unsigned return_cost
bool time_based

Detailed Description

   Weights of constructions for estimate_num_insns.  

Field Documentation

unsigned eni_weights_d::call_cost
     Cost per call.  
unsigned eni_weights_d::div_mod_cost
     Cost of "expensive" div and mod operations.  
unsigned eni_weights_d::indirect_call_cost
     Cost per indirect call.  
unsigned eni_weights_d::omp_cost
     Cost for omp construct.  
unsigned eni_weights_d::return_cost
     Cost of return.  
unsigned eni_weights_d::target_builtin_call_cost
     Cost per call to a target specific builtin 
bool eni_weights_d::time_based
     True when time of statemnt should be estimated.  Thus i.e
     cost of switch statement is logarithmic rather than linear in number
     of cases.  
unsigned eni_weights_d::tm_cost
     Cost for tm transaction.  

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