GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
eqn_d Struct Reference

#include <omega.h>

Data Fields

int key
int touched
enum omega_eqn_color color
int * coef

Detailed Description

   Structure for equations.  

Field Documentation

int* eqn_d::coef
     Array of coefficients for the equation.  The layout of the data
     is as follows: coef[0] is the constant, coef[i] for 1 <= i <=
     OMEGA_MAX_VARS, are the coefficients for each dimension.  Examples:
     the equation 0 = 9 + x + 0y + 5z is encoded as [9 1 0 5], the
     inequality 0 <= -8 + x + 2y + 3z is encoded as [-8 1 2 3].  

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