GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
equivalence Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for equivalence:

Data Fields

rtx replacement
rtx init_insns
int loop_depth
int is_arg_equivalence
char replace

Field Documentation

rtx equivalence::init_insns
     The list of each instruction which initializes this register.  
int equivalence::is_arg_equivalence
     Nonzero if this had a preexisting REG_EQUIV note.  
int equivalence::loop_depth
     Loop depth is used to recognize equivalences which appear
     to be present within the same loop (or in an inner loop).  
char equivalence::replace
     Set when an attempt should be made to replace a register
     with the associated src_p entry.  
rtx equivalence::replacement
     Set when a REG_EQUIV note is found or created.  Use to
     keep track of what memory accesses might be created later,
     e.g. by reload.  
rtx* equivalence::src_p

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