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expand_loc_callback_data Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for expand_loc_callback_data:

Data Fields

variable_table_type vars
stack_vec< rtx, 4 > expanding
stack_vec< rtx, 4 > pending
expand_depth depth

Detailed Description

   Structure for passing some other parameters to function

Field Documentation

expand_depth expand_loc_callback_data::depth
     The maximum depth among the sub-expressions under expansion.
     Zero indicates no expansion so far.  
stack_vec<rtx, 4> expand_loc_callback_data::expanding
     Stack of values and debug_exprs under expansion, and their
stack_vec<rtx, 4> expand_loc_callback_data::pending
     Stack of values and debug_exprs whose expansion hit recursion
     cycles.  They will have VALUE_RECURSED_INTO marked when added to
     this list.  This flag will be cleared if any of its dependencies
     resolves to a valid location.  So, if the flag remains set at the
     end of the search, we know no valid location for this one can
     possibly exist.  
variable_table_type expand_loc_callback_data::vars
     The variables and values active at this point.  

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