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expr_hash_elt Struct Reference
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Data Fields

tree lhs
struct hashable_expr expr
gimple stmt
hashval_t hash
struct expr_hash_eltstamp

Detailed Description

   Structure for entries in the expression hash table.  

Field Documentation

struct hashable_expr expr_hash_elt::expr
     The expression (rhs) we want to record.  

Referenced by initialize_expr_from_cond(), and print_expr_hash_elt().

hashval_t expr_hash_elt::hash
     The hash value for RHS.  

Referenced by initialize_expr_from_cond().

tree expr_hash_elt::lhs
     The value (lhs) of this expression.  

Referenced by initialize_expr_from_cond().

struct expr_hash_elt* expr_hash_elt::stamp
     A unique stamp, typically the address of the hash
     element itself, used in removing entries from the table.  

Referenced by initialize_expr_from_cond().

gimple expr_hash_elt::stmt
     The stmt pointer if this element corresponds to a statement.  

Referenced by initialize_expr_from_cond().

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