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expr_pred_trans_d Struct Reference
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Public Types

typedef expr_pred_trans_d value_type
typedef expr_pred_trans_d compare_type

Static Public Member Functions

static hashval_t hash (const value_type *)
static int equal (const value_type *, const compare_type *)
static void remove (expr_pred_trans_d *p)

Data Fields

pre_expr e
basic_block pred
pre_expr v
hashval_t hashcode

Detailed Description

   A three tuple {e, pred, v} used to cache phi translations in the

Member Typedef Documentation

     hash_table support.  

Member Function Documentation

int expr_pred_trans_d::equal ( const value_type ve1,
const compare_type ve2 
     If they are not translations for the same basic block, they can't
     be equal.  
hashval_t expr_pred_trans_d::hash ( const value_type e)
static void typed_free_remove< expr_pred_trans_d >::remove ( expr_pred_trans_d p)
   Remove with free.  

Field Documentation

pre_expr expr_pred_trans_d::e
     The expression.  
hashval_t expr_pred_trans_d::hashcode
     The hashcode for the expression, pred pair. This is cached for
     speed reasons.  
basic_block expr_pred_trans_d::pred
     The predecessor block along which we translated the expression.  
pre_expr expr_pred_trans_d::v
     The value that resulted from the translation.  

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