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ext_state Struct Reference
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Data Fields

vec< rtxdefs_list
vec< rtxcopies_list
vec< rtxmodified_list
vec< rtxwork_list
struct ext_modifiedmodified

Detailed Description

   Vectors used by combine_reaching_defs and its helpers.  

Field Documentation

vec<rtx> ext_state::copies_list
vec<rtx> ext_state::defs_list
     In order to avoid constant alloc/free, we keep these
     4 vectors live through the entire find_and_remove_re and just
     truncate them each time.  
struct ext_modified* ext_state::modified
     For instructions that have been successfully modified, this is
     the original mode from which the insn is extending and
     kind of extension.  

Referenced by find_removable_extensions().

vec<rtx> ext_state::modified_list

Referenced by combine_reaching_defs().

vec<rtx> ext_state::work_list

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