GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
external_filehdr_32 Struct Reference

#include <collect2-aix.h>

Data Fields

char f_magic [F_MAGIC_SIZE]
char f_nscns [2]
char f_timdat [4]
char f_symptr [4]
char f_nsyms [4]
char f_opthdr [2]
char f_flags [2]

Detailed Description

   The format of a 32-bit XCOFF file header.  

Field Documentation

char external_filehdr_32::f_flags[2]
char external_filehdr_32::f_magic[F_MAGIC_SIZE]
     The magic number.  
char external_filehdr_32::f_nscns[2]
     The number of sections.  
char external_filehdr_32::f_nsyms[4]
     The number of entries in the symbol table.  
char external_filehdr_32::f_opthdr[2]
     The size of the auxiliary header.  
char external_filehdr_32::f_symptr[4]
     The offset of the symbol table from the start of the file.  
char external_filehdr_32::f_timdat[4]
     Time & date stamp.  

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