GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
external_syment Struct Reference

#include <collect2-aix.h>

Data Fields

union {
   struct {
      union {
         char   n_name [8]
         struct {
            char   n_zeroes [4]
            char   n_offset [4]
         }   u
      }   u
      char   n_value [4]
   }   xcoff32
   struct {
      char   n_value [8]
      char   n_offset [4]
   }   xcoff64
char n_scnum [2]
char n_type [2]
char n_sclass [1]
char n_numaux [1]

Detailed Description

   The format of an XCOFF symbol-table entry.  

Field Documentation

char external_syment::n_name[8]
           The name of the symbol.  There is an implicit null character
           after the end of the array.  
char external_syment::n_numaux[1]
     The number of auxiliary symbols attached to this entry.  
char external_syment::n_offset[4]
         The offset of the symbol from the start of the string table.  
char external_syment::n_sclass[1]
     The class of symbol (a C_* value).  
char external_syment::n_scnum[2]
     The number of the section to which this symbol belongs.  
char external_syment::n_type[2]
     The type of symbol.  (It can be interpreted as an n_lang
     and an n_cpu byte, but we don't care about that here.)  
char external_syment::n_value[8]
         The symbol's value.  
char external_syment::n_zeroes[4]
             If n_zeroes is zero, n_offset is the offset the name from
             the start of the string table.  
struct { ... } external_syment::u
union { ... } external_syment::u
union { ... } external_syment::u
struct { ... } external_syment::xcoff32
struct { ... } external_syment::xcoff64

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